Bastrop, TX

Developing the land you recently purchased in the Bastrop, TX area can be an exciting prospect, but many steps are required for residential or commercial property development. If the land you bought was poorly maintained or neglected by previous owners, you will need to clear it and prepare it for construction. GT Site Services and Land Clearing has extensive experience handling all kinds of land clearing projects in Bastrop and throughout the state of Texas. We can help you realize your vision for your plot of land.


No matter what goals you might have for the land you bought in the Bastrop area, you need an effective land clearing solution to prepare the site for development. GT Site Services and Land Clearing can help you develop your land swiftly and safely while adhering to all state and federal regulations. We understand that navigating these compliance requirements can be challenging, but our team has the experience to guide you through the land clearing and development process effectively.

GT Site Services and Land Clearing has handled some of the most difficult and complicated land clearing projects in the Bastrop area with tremendous success. This is thanks to our commitment to working with every client closely to determine their needs and goals.


If you are ready to clear the land you’ve purchased in the Bastrop area, you can rely on GT Site Services and Land Clearing to handle the job quickly and safely while ensuring environmental responsibility at every phase of the project. Some of the services we offer include:

  • General land clearing. Our team includes experienced bulldozer, excavator, and dump truck operators who can handle conventional land clearing quickly and safely.
  • Retention/detention pond construction. Does your property need a retention and/or detention pond solution to prevent water damage? We will help you determine the ideal location and layout for any retention or detention ponds you might need.
  • Forestry mulching cutting. If you’re interested in a quick and environmentally responsible way to clear trees and brush from your land in Bastrop, our forestry mulching service may be the ideal solution for you.
  • Excavation. If you need to adjust the slopes of your land or excavate an area to prepare for construction, we have the tools and experience to handle this for you.
  • Construction site preparation. Whether you’re planning on building homes or commercial buildings, we can help you ensure your land is ready for building.
  • Demolition. We don’t just handle land clearing. We also provide demolition services if there are existing structures on your land that you need to remove before you complete your new building project.

Bastrop property owners have relied on GT Site Services and Land Clearing for these and many other professional land clearing services throughout the area, thanks to our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and firm adherence to state and federal regulations. We can handle any size land clearing project quickly and responsibly to ensure your future construction project can proceed uninterrupted. Contact GT Site Services and Land Clearing in Bastrop today to learn more about the services we provide.