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For every kind of land clearing project in Round Rock, TX, GT Site Services & Land Clearing is the foremost authority. Our knowledgeable professionals are proficient with many kinds of equipment on all types of sites. Years of training and experience ensure the convenient, successful completion of your project, whatever the location or terrain. We work with independent builders, developers, agricultural companies, and individual homeowners to clear land for every type of project.

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Benefits of Forestry Mulching

GT Site Services & Land Clearing uses this innovative technique for a variety of projects and has numerous benefits:

  • Efficient — Forestry mulching clears and mulches at the same time.
  • Cost-effective — Using one piece of equipment rather than several saves your budget.
  • Quick — This process takes only minutes, compared to the days it takes for traditional equipment, such as bulldozers and front-end loaders.
  • Environmentally friendly — Bulldozing destroys the top layer of soil and leaves costly, messy debris that requires burning or removal. In contrast, forestry mulching is good for the environment. This technique protects the soil and does not disturb tree root systems. It allows selective clearing, which reduces the effects of erosion and provides you with nutrient-rich soil.
  • Suitable for all terrains – Forestry mulching can even be used in all terrains, even for wetlands clearing. Our equipment is effective in up to a foot of standing water and has been approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Tree Cutting and Removal

Our heavy-duty tree cutter can be used to take down trees up to eight feet in height. This equipment is preferred for plots of land that are too large for efficient forestry mulching. We highly recommend the prompt removal of invasive mesquite trees and all varieties of cedar trees, which easily become infected with a number of diseases that can spread throughout your property.

Land Clearing for Electric Lines, Oil Pipelines, and Oil Fields

A type of job we are commonly requested for is what is called “right of way clearing.” Right of way clearing in Texas is outlined as the right of the public, companies, and individuals to travel freely along a route no matter who the owner is. This primarily takes the form of clearing for electrical lines and oil or gas pipelines to ensure accessibility for transportation facilities and utility companies.

We also work with a number of oil companies and contractors to provide oil field clearing for drilling and pipeline sites. GT Site Services & Land Clearing has experience in the types of land clearing that many industries and government agencies require and offers clearing services for seismic, seismographic, geophysical, and survey lines as well.

Demolition, Junk Removal, and Logging Clean Up

We offer excavation services for a wide array of projects, including commercial and residential developments, subdivisions, roadway improvements, and farming projects. Most construction sites leave behind a significant amount of trash, debris, and junk metal after they’ve completed their work. This is especially true for logging projects, which often leave treetops, stumps, and large branches. We are available to remove these items and take them to the appropriate trash or recycling facilities.

Other Services

We offer a number of land clearing services in addition to those detailed above. Our trained professionals are insured and equipped for demolition projects, meaning you won’t require multiple companies to demo, clear, and cleanup sites. For sizable, overgrown plots of land with weeds too tall or thick for a traditional mower, we use a shredder called a brush hog to clear the land. We also provide clearing for fence lines, paths, trails, and roads, as well as tub grinding.

If you’re looking for land clearing in the Round Rock, TX, area, call GT Site Services & Land Clearing today! We pride ourselves on safety, efficiency, and excellent customer service. Our experts are ready to help you complete any type of clearing project in any terrain while staying environmentally conscious and on budget.


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