Smithville, TX

Are you excited to develop the property you purchased in Smithville? Land ownership comes with an amazing degree of potential. However, the process of turning your new spot of land into a viable residential or commercial property is extensive and complicated without the right professional assistance.

GT Site Services and Land Clearing is a premier land clearing service providing a full range of site preparation, excavation, and land clearing services to Smithville landowners. Regardless of your plans for your property, we can help you achieve your goals swiftly and safely while maintaining full compliance with all federal and state regulations.


When you need a professional land clearing service to prepare your land for development, it’s essential to find a team that can handle your project’s unique variables. The team at GT Site Services and Land Clearing has handled many complicated land clearing projects in Smithville and throughout Texas over the years, and we understand that no two properties are exactly alike.

We work closely with our clients to help them navigate the land clearing concerns they have for their properties. Whether you intend to build a new home on your land or develop it for commercial purposes, GT Site Services and Land Clearing will work closely with you every step of the way. We will identify areas of concern and opportunity and recommend the most suitable land clearing options that will help you achieve your goals, and we will do it while ensuring you do not encounter undue compliance issues.


When you are ready to develop your land in Smithville for residential or commercial construction, our team can provide a full range of professional land clearing services including:

  • General land clearing with bulldozers and excavators. We have the tools and experience to handle the biggest land clearing jobs while minimizing topsoil loss and preventing future erosion.
  • Construction site preparation. We will work closely with you to determine the best way to prepare your site for construction following all applicable codes and regulations at the state and federal levels.
  • Retention and detention pond construction. When you need a viable water protection system for your land, we can help you figure out the best configuration of retention and/or detention ponds.
  • Forestry mulching. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional bulldozer land clearing that turns trees and brush into mulch to support healthy topsoil, increase groundwater retention, and prevent erosion.
  • Excavation. When you need to alter the shape of your land to accommodate your construction plans, clear roadways, or create fence lines, we provide professional excavation services.
  • Demolition. If your land has an existing structure that you need to remove before you begin construction, our team can handle demolition and removal of the debris.

These are just a few of the services GT Site Services and Land Clearing provides to our Smithville clients. We know that every land clearing project is a unique process, so we take the time to get to know our clients and their goals to ensure the best possible outcomes in their development projects. If you are ready to clear the land on your Smithville property, contact GT Site Services and Land Clearing today and learn more about the services we offer.