Wimberley, TX

Are you ready to start building on your land in the Wimberley, TX area? GT Site Services and Land Clearing is a professional land clearing service with the skill, equipment, and experience you need to realize your goals for your property. Whether you bought an untouched piece of land or a property with existing structures, we can help you clear the land for residential or commercial construction.


Over the years, the team at GT Site Services and Land Clearing has assisted property owners in the Wimberley area and all over Texas with challenging and expansive land clearing projects. We have been successful with so many projects due to our commitment to client satisfaction, safety, and maintaining a keen awareness of the latest regulatory and legislative changes that affect the construction and land development in Texas and throughout the United States.

When you work with GT Site Services and Land Clearing to prepare your Wimberley, TX property for construction, you can rest assured that our team will work closely with you to determine the unique variables in play for your property development challenges. We will help you determine the most cost-effective and reliable methods for clearing your land and helping you move closer to achieving your construction goals for the property.


Wimberley, TX landowners can rely on the team at GT Site Services and Land Clearing to provide a full range of professional land clearing services, including:

  • Basic land clearing. We employ fully trained and highly experienced bulldozer, excavator, and dump truck operators who can handle simple land clearing jobs quickly and effectively.
  • Retention and detention pond construction. If you need a stormwater management solution, we will help you determine the best layout and placement of your retention and/or detention ponds.
  • Construction site preparation. Whether you want to build a home or a commercial building on your property, our team can help you prepare the site and ensure full compliance with applicable regulations and building codes.
  • Excavation. Land is never perfectly flat and easy to clear. When you need to shape building sites, fence lines, roadways, and trails, or clear away rocky terrain or adjust steep slopes, our expert excavator operators are ready to assist you.
  • Forestry mulching. We provide an alternative to typical bulldozing in the form of forestry mulching clearing, a cost-effective land clearing solution that’s both faster than bulldozing and more environmentally responsible.
  • Demolition. If you need to remove a structure from your land before you can build something new, we can handle both demolition and debris removal using safe and effective tools and techniques.

Our Wimberley, TX clients can expect these and many more professional land clearing services from the team at GT Site Services and Land Clearing. If you are ready to start building on your land and want it cleared quickly, safely, and responsibly, we’re ready to help. Contact GT Site Services and Land Clearing today to learn more about the services we provide in the Wimberley area and how we can help you realize your goals for your property.