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If you’re planning new construction in the Leander, TX area, you may need to clear the land you’ve purchased of trees and other vegetation. It may also be necessary to level out the land for safe construction and to create retention ponds, fence lines, roads, trails, and other structures. At GT Site Services and Land Clearing, we have extensive experience providing a wide range of land clearing services in the Leander area. We provide all our services with safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility in mind.

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Why Choose GT Site Services and Land Clearing?

Clearing land can be a complex, time-consuming, and expensive procedure depending on the condition of the land you own and the service provider you hire for land clearing. When you choose GT Site Services and Land Clearing in Leander, you can rest assured our team will provide you with a complete breakdown of the services we provide and our recommendations for your land clearing project.

The team at GT Site Services and Land Clearing also understands that no two land clearing projects are the same, and every piece of land has unique features that must be considered before proper land clearing can begin. When you work with GT Site Services and Land Clearing, our team will review your plans for your cleared land to determine the best methods and equipment to use to complete the project.

Land Clearing Services We Provide

GT Site Services and Land Clearing in Leander offers a wide range of land clearing services using the latest tools and techniques. Some of the services we provide include:

    • General land clearing services for residential and commercial construction. No matter how densely overgrown your land may be, we have the tools and experience to clear it quickly, safely, and in compliance with all applicable codes.
    • Forestry mulching. Our forestry mulching clearing service offers a unique, fast, and effective alternative to typical bulldozer clearing. Instead of hauling away debris, our forestry mulching machines can grind down trees and vegetation and mulch it to improve soil quality.
    • Excavation. The land you purchased may need to be adjusted before you can complete your building project. Our excavation services are ideal for grading, construction site preparation, and right of way clearing.
    • Retention/detention pond construction. If you need to construct a retention or detention pond for your new building project, we have the tools and experience to ensure the pond functions as intended and complies with all applicable codes.
    • Demolition and removal service. If you purchased land and need to clear away existing structures as well as vegetation, GT Site Services and Land Clearing can ensure your land is completely clear and ready for your new project.

These are only some of the land clearing services available from GT Site Services and Land Clearing in Leander. Whether you purchased your land for building a new home or developing a new commercial property, we have the experience and tools to get the job done swiftly and professionally while minimizing the topsoil loss and erosion that commonly occur with conventional land clearing projects. If you need professional land clearing services in Leander, contact GT Site Services and Land Clearing today.


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