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GT Site Services & Land Clearing is the local favorite land clearing company in Buda, TX. Our trained, licensed professionals boast years of knowledge and experience, which will result in the convenient, successful completion of your project, whatever the location or terrain. Whether you’re a developer, independent builder, agricultural business, or homeowner, GT Site Services & Land Clearing would be happy to work with you!

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Innovative Forestry Mulching Technique

GT Site Services & Land Clearing uses this method for a wide array of projects and has multiple benefits:

  • Efficient — Forestry mulching allows your site to be cleared and mulched simultaneously with only one piece of equipment.
  • Quick — This process takes only minutes, in contrast with the days it takes for traditional equipment, such as bulldozers and front-end loaders. Your lot is then free to use immediately.
  • Economical — The use of a single piece of equipment rather than several keeps your project cost-effective.
  • Environmentally friendly — Bulldozing devastates the top layer of soil and leaves behind debris that requires burning or removal to fully clear your site, where forestry mulching is much more environmentally conscious. This cutting-edge technique does not damage the soil or disturb tree root systems. Forestry mulching allows for selective clearing, eliminating costly erosion and leaving you with healthy, nutrient-rich soil.

Clearing Electric Lines and Oil Pipelines for Right of Way Access

In Texas law, “right of way clearing” refers to the right of individuals, companies, and the public to travel unhindered along a route regardless of ownership. This encompasses clearing for electrical lines and pipelines in the service of transportation and communication facilities, utility companies, and oil fields. GT Site Services & Land Clearing also offers clearing for seismic, seismographic, geophysical, and survey lines, as well as other clearing required by industry and government infrastructure.

Tree Cutting and Removal

Our heavy-duty tree cutter can be used for trees up to eight feet tall and is preferred for plots of land that are too large for efficient forestry mulching. Our experts particularly recommend the removal of two types of trees: cedar and mesquite. Cedar trees are commonly infested with diseases that can spread and result in an expensive, time-consuming removal. They can also damage your soil, pulling as much as 150 gallons of water per day. A highly invasive species, mesquite trees devastate vulnerable ecosystems and must be removed at a specific time of year, or they will return.

Additional Services We Offer

GT Site Services & Land Clearing provides a range of other services, including demolition, excavation, and clean up after construction or logging projects. Most projects leave behind a considerable amount of trash, debris, and scrap metal, so it is necessary to remove these items to fully utilize your site. Logging projects, in particular, tend to leave behind stumps, branches, and treetops that are cumbersome and difficult to remove. We remove these items and take them to the appropriate places, saving you the hassle of burning or removal. We are experienced clearing sites on a variety of terrains, including wetlands, and frequently clear plots for fence lines, paths, trails, and roads.

Call GT Site Services & Land Clearing for the most qualified, professional land clearing company in Buda, TX, area. Our certified experts are ready to help you complete any type of clearing project in any terrain with a focus on environmentally-conscious practices. Get in touch with us today to discuss your land clearing needs!


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