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For all your site preparation and land clearing needs in San Marcos, TX, GT Site Services & Land Clearing is the area’s premier expert. Our trained, licensed professionals are proficient with many kinds of equipment on all types of sites. Years of knowledge and experience ensure the convenient, successful completion of your project, in any type of site or terrain. Whether you’re a developer, independent builder, agricultural business, or individual homeowner, GT Site Services & Land Clearing can get the job done for you.

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Benefits of Forestry Mulching

This innovative technique is used by GT Site Services & Land Clearing for a variety of projects and has numerous benefits:

  • Efficient — Forestry mulching clears and mulches at the same time, making it more efficient than traditional land clearing equipment, such as bulldozers and front-end loaders.
  • Quick — Because it combines two steps into one, this process takes only minutes to clear even the largest sites, compared to the days it takes for traditional equipment.
  • Cost-effective — Using one piece of equipment rather than several saves your budget.
  • Environmentally friendly — Bulldozing destroys the top layer of soil and leaves that requires another step (and another bill) to burn or remove. Forestry mulching, on the other hand, is actually good for the environment. This technique preserves the soil and tree root systems. This allows for selective clearing, reducing the effects of erosion, and leaving you with healthy, nutrient-rich soil.

Tree Cutting and Removal Services

Our heavy-duty tree cutter can be used for trees up to eight feet tall and is preferred for plots of land that are too large for efficient forestry mulching. We especially recommend the removal of two types of trees: cedar and mesquite. All the varieties of cedar trees are easily infested with diseases that can spread to other trees, costing you loads of time and money if not promptly removed. They also significantly damage your soil, pulling over 100 gallons of water per day with no return on the investment. Mesquite trees are a highly invasive species that destroy vulnerable ecosystems. Removal requires knowledgeable professionals as doing so at the wrong time of year will result in them growing back.

Right of Way Clearing for Electrical and Gas Pipelines

“Right of way clearing” in Texas refers to the right of the public, companies, and individuals to travel uninterrupted along a route regardless of ownership. This involves clearing land for electrical and gas pipelines to be constructed and maintained by transportation facilities, utility companies, and oil fields. GT Site Services & Land Clearing is experienced in types of land clearing required by many industries and government agencies and offers clearing services for seismic, seismographic, geophysical, and survey lines.

One-Stop Excavation, Demolition, and Removal Services

GT Site Services & Land Clearing offers specialty excavation services for commercial and residential developments, real estate subdivision developments, street improvements, and agricultural projects. We are also fully insured and outfitted for demolition services, as well as the removal of trash, debris, and junk metal from your site. Save yourself the headache of hiring and coordinating various companies for these services. At GT Site Services & Land Clearing, we do it all – we will demolish, excavate, and clear your site, then remove debris and transport it to the proper facilities.

Additional Services We Offer

  • Logging clean-up—logging projects often leave treetops, stumps, and large branches that require removal.
  • Brush hog clearing—this is a shredder used for large, overgrown plots of land with weeds too tall and thick for a mower.
  • Clearing for fence lines, paths, trails, and roads.
  • Tub grinding.

For even the most complex land clearing project in the San Marcos, TX, area, call GT Site Services & Land Clearing today! We pride ourselves on safety, efficiency, and professionalism. Our experts are ready to help you complete any type of clearing project in any terrain while staying environmentally conscious and on budget.


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