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GT Site Services & Land Clearing is your local favorite company for all your site preparation and land clearing needs in Cedar Park, TX. For any type of project, in every type of terrain, it is in your best interest to choose an appropriately trained and licensed company. From hillsides to creek beds to mountains, our certified, experienced professionals are the best in the area for safe, successful, timely completion of your project.

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Cutting-Edge Forestry Mulching for All Terrains

A popular service offered by GT Site Services & Land Clearing is an innovative method called forestry mulching. This technique clears and mulches large portions of land at the same time, making your project highly efficient and cost-effective. Rather than traditional methods that require days to finish, forestry mulching clears your lot in mere minutes, meaning you will be back to using your property in no time.

Where bulldozing leaves behind debris that entails further steps to burn or remove, forestry mulching is a one-step, environmentally friendly solution to your land clearing needs. It allows selective clearing without ruining the soil or damaging tree roots, preventing erosion, and maintaining the health and nutrient content of your soil. Forestry mulching even works to clear wetlands with up to twelve inches of standing water.

Clearing for Fence Lines, Paths, Trails, and Roads

Before installing a new fence, it is necessary to clear a path in the area where the fence will be installed. Forestry mulching is excellent for this, allowing you to have the space cleared and mulched without ruining your soil or damaging existing root systems. This method is also perfect for path and trail clearing. Additionally, GT Site Services & Land Clearing has comprehensive experience with road clearing, and these services are available for developers, government agencies, private landowners, and various types of facilities.

Right of Way Clearing for Private Landowners, Companies, and the Public

“Right of way clearing” describes the right of individuals, companies, and the public to easily access a route of travel irrespective of current land ownership. Right of way clearing from GT Site Services & Land Clearing includes oil pipeline and electrical line clearing for transportation and communication facilities, in addition to utility companies. We are often hired by oil companies and contractors to clear land for oil fields and drilling or pipeline sites. We also offer lot clearing services for several industry infrastructure stipulations, as well as land clearing necessary to engage in geophysical, seismic, seismographic, and survey line projects.

Hire Us to Demolish, Excavate, Clear, and Clean Up Your Site

We are insured and equipped for demolition and our specialty excavation services are employed for a wide array of projects. We work on street improvement projects, serve subdivisions and commercial developments, and manage projects in the agricultural industry. We also remove trash, debris, and junk metal from your site and take it to the proper garbage or recycling centers. Rather than hiring one company to demolish your site, a second one to excavate and clear it, and a third to remove debris, you save yourself time and money by choosing a company that does it all.

More Services We Offer

Along with bulldozing and forestry mulching, we provide brush hog clearing, which uses a type of shredder to cut through tall, thick overgrowth. We offer tree cutting and removal services and can be contracted to clean up leftover debris from logging projects, including large branches, stumps, and treetops.

For any land clearing project in the Cedar Park, TX, area, call the experts at GT Site Services & Land Clearing. Our skilled professionals have years of knowledge and training, and we would be happy to discuss your project, answer questions, or offer you a quote for our services.


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